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mez·zo for·te
/ˌmetsō ˈfôrtā,ˌmedzō ˈfôrtā/
adjective: moderately loud.

a doujin circle (or "circle") is a collective of individuals with a shared interest in producing self-published coterie works.

doujin and fan projects

ffxiv big bang (2023)

a big bang is a collaborative challenge that pairs long-form fanfiction with corresponding fanart. authors have a set amount of time to write their fic, which will then be claimed by an artist (by reading anonymous summaries) who will illustrate one or more scenes. fics and art are then posted in tandem on a designated day. the required word count for big bangs can vary, but ffxivbb has settled on a 10,000-word minimum.

all that i have

It starts and ends with duty, as it always has.
It starts with a stranger showing up on Emet-Selch’s doorstep.
It ends with the marriage of Hythlodaeus’s lover to another man.

Cinders & Sparks

Aster, the former Azem, has continued to travel, helping the people of Etheirys as she used to. Then she meets her counterpart — the current Azem, Constantine — and he's nothing like she was. They struggle to work together in a world that is increasingly dangerous, until Constantine finally realizes that the crackpot theories Aster's been spouting about Dynamis might have some truth to them...and the Convocation refuses to see the light. Constantine has to make difficult decisions about keeping his promises, trusting himself, and choosing love over duty, as the two star-crossed lovers decide what to do with the time that is left to them on their dying star.

heart & home

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